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From the rustic warehouses of Australia to the sweeping beauty of New Zealand …
21 November, 2017

We specialize in Auto Environments from Down Under – perfect for this market and beyond. Backplate locations & 360º HDR Domes ready to refresh existing assets, support your 3D builds or perfect as stand alone imagery. Continue reading

Get your Bearings
26 September, 2017

Let’s take a roadtrip …
We’ve been busy shooting … loads of new stock to check out from rural to urban. Continue reading

What happens when the bears hit big bare roads …
2 August, 2017

Why Hunt With Bear Stock?
We can think of a few worthies …
We license Premium Australian & New Zealand Auto Environment’s – perfect for our Southern Hemisphere market while offering a strong global appeal. Continue reading

What’s up Down Under?
18 June, 2017

Bear Stock is proud of what we do and we like to think we do it well! We’re all about the license of Photographic, CG Backplate Environments and 360º HDR Domes. Continue reading

From Serene to Stormy …
3 May, 2017

Bear Stock is about Australian and NZ environments for your Auto comps. Photographic or CG backplate’s & 360 HDRi Domes created with our market in mind and offering a strong global appeal. From rugged coastal to polished and contemporary. Continue reading

Well Done to Us!
1 March, 2017

      I have to say we’re not one to normally blow the bugle too ferociously but we thought this news time it was worth a good old Bear Stock hard blow, cause … you know … we’re a little … Continue reading

The Bears Are Back In Town
7 February, 2017

Specialising in roads, auto environments and 360º HDR Domes Bear Stock is about Australian and New Zealand Photographic and CG imagery for license. Continue reading

That’s Christmas Sorted!
20 December, 2016

This is Hunter!
He’s the newest Bear Stock team member created as a collaboration between Bear Stock’s Urs Buhlman and CG Artist Paul Gawman to help oil the wheels of brand Bear Stock. Continue reading

Kangasaraus Rex
9 November, 2016

We are proud to blog feature a true collaboration with Bear Stock photographer Urs Buhlman and 3D Artist Paul Gawman Continue reading

From the heights of the mountain roads to the sea level car parks …
17 October, 2016

… Welcome to the diversity of Bear Stock … Continue reading

Sweet 2D Backgrounds
7 September, 2016

Breathe in the humidity, smell the canefields, smile and think … this is Australia Continue reading

The Outside Looking In
26 July, 2016

“Urs was on the outside, was a stranger to Defqon.1 and it’s denizens, and yet almost immediately seemed to understand, to just get it” Continue reading

The Necessity of Excess Exhibition – combining art and the harder styles
25 July, 2016

After much organisation, plenty of laughs and a few stressy moments Friday night’s exhibition went off with the bang it deserved. Continue reading

Bears Show Depth!
5 June, 2016

… When we say depth we mean 16 bit file deep

The advantage Bear Stock has over our competitors is that all our hires 2D Backgrounds (aka Back Plate files) are 16bit in colour depth which means the shot you get does not have to be the shot you get. Continue reading

A rippin’ nor’wester only NZ can deliver …
9 May, 2016

A blistering and ripping nor’wester wind only New Zealand can deliver so splendidly! Continue reading

A sweet treat in NZ
13 April, 2016

It’s been a while between blogs and well overdue for me to deliver some fresh news feeds. Let’s start with our recent field trip to New Zealand … always a fresh and ever challenging mission. Continue reading



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