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Image Research

Bear Stock Image Research

We’ll do it for you

No one knows our library like we do. Knowing you’re busy we’re happy to take care of the hunt for you. Simply email or phone us through your brief and in the strictest of confidence we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll quickly send you a selection of un-watermarked images to match your brief free of charge.

If you have the time and are happy to search the site it’s very easy. Commence by clicking on the relevant category you are interested in within the drop down menu or utilise the search box to help you refine the process. Simply enter your key words with the results being further filtered according to category.


Bear Stock Composition

Budget friendly Compositing License Options

You may only require certain elements from an image and so we offer the cost-effective option of licensing what you need. This offers you the freedom of mixing and matching to create your own image. The end result will not only be unique but without loss of resolution or quality.

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Existing 2D fresh-ups

You have an asset already existing, which needs a new backplate environment? This is where we can help. Take a look …

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Graded v RAW

We’re always happy to offer up RAW files for you to do your own thing but keep in mind – what you see on site is often a pristine version of the reality. Rubbish, building signage, street junk and road signs are all taken care of in our retouching process.

RAW’s or Retouched – your call.

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Our Service

Bear Stock Service

We have designed bearstock.com as a user friendly, high quality stock image library aimed at our specialised market being clients in search of stylised location backgrounds and / or 360º HDR domes created especially to be used with 3D / CGI CAD mesh models, to refresh existing assets or for stand alone use.

We’re all about making the Bear Stock experience streamlined and personalised.
We are easy to reach by email or phone + 61 (0) 412 569366

We encourage you to contact us if you require help with:

• An image search.
• A specific grade.
• 2D or 3D post production.
• Schedule or timing challenges.
• Our pricing process.
• General site enquires.
• Commissioned shoots.

File Data

All our images have been lightly graded, retouched, un-necessary signage & rubbish removed – ready to go. By virtue of their 16 bit, 300ppi file size for backplates and 32 bit for 360° HDR Domes you will always have the latitude to adjust the grade and look.

Rights-Managed Stock Photos – what’s the advantage

All images on bearstock.com are rights-managed and are of the highest quality

The advantage of a Bear Stock rights-managed Stock Image can be explained simply as your assurance that the image you have paid for allows the use as specified by your relevant license details. If you require the image for other uses an additional license will need to be purchased.

Our rights-managed licenses can be issued on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis for the duration of your licensing period.
This can be discussed at the point of price negotiation.

Releases & Permits

All images have accompanying Property / Model Releases for unlimited usage where legally required or appropriate.

Un-watermarked Files

You require an un-watermarked file for layout purposes?

Un-watermarked images for layouts and presentations are quickly available.
Simply click on the File Download link top right on the splash page. You will be prompted to register or login.

Once registered or logged in you will notice a download icon under all thumbnails, a Download Now link or Download Now Green Button alongside the larger file. Click on any of these to access your un-watermarked file. The file will be emailed promptly to the address you entered when you registered or logged in.

Image information for un-watermarked jpg files:-
Landscape: 1024 x 768 (max) deep
Portrait: 768 high x 600 (max) wide

Bear Stock Pricing

Bear Stock Pricing

Bear Stock Pricing

You’re viewing the larger file? Here it is again – to the right of the image. You also have the option to click the green DOWNLOAD NOW button below. The file will be emailed promptly to the address you entered when you registered or logged in


Bear Stock Pricing

The pricing process

It’s important to us to be accessible, to quote quickly and fairly and be open to healthy feedback regarding our pricing.

Our images are all of the same high quality and size. 16 bit file size for Backplates or 32 bit for the 360° HDR Domes. Cleaned up, lightly graded and ready for use from web to outdoor supersites.

Our pricing is subject to your usage – duration, territory and media.
The process is simple: For a speedy response either phone or email us your usage detail or you may choose to complete the simple online price enquiry page:-

1. Register: You will find the registration link top right of the Homepage or you can click here.
2. Click the ? icon under the image you would like a cost on.
3. Take a couple of minutes to complete the price enquiry page .
4. Click to submit.
5. It will land in our inbox.
6. We provide you with a cost via email as soon as possible.

We’re based in Sydney Australia so please keep in mind it may require a little more time if you are contacting us from outside Australia.

We accept payment via PayPal, direct account transfer or where appropriate we will accept a Company purchase order. Once the price and payment detail is finalised we will upload your hi res image/s via our secure Bear Stock FTP and provide you with the necessary download details.


Bear Stock FAQ

Answers to questions you may have

We encourage you to simply call or email us at any stage you may have questions or need help. Meanwhile, please take a look, you may find your answer here.

I’ve registered but I can’t log in
Please ensure you have provided the correct email address during the registration process. After registering you will receive an email to advise your registration has been successful. If you don’t receive this email please check your spam folder and contact us if you continue to experience a missing email! We will help you.

I’ve forgotten my password
Please use the “lost your password?” link under the login field.

I have found the perfect image, but it has no HDR dome and I’d like one
Pleased you asked! We offer ‘compatible’ and ‘matching’ HDR domes and in the cases where there is no dome and you require one please get in touch with us and we can take it from there. We will always be happy to commission one of our photographers to take care of this for you where possible.

My layout is a composition and I only need parts of a number of images.
Do I have to pay the full price for each image?

At Bear Stock we are very fair – if you are only using parts of images we don’t expect you pay the full price. You should just advise us of this detail when you submit your form at the quoting stage. Or simply tell us by email approximately how much of the image (in %) you will be using in your layout, or better still send the layout directly to us (in strict confidence) We will then allow for this in our cost estimate to you.

I need RAW files
RAW files are available on request. Feel free to ask.

Our Symbols content

Bear Stock Symbols

What our symbols mean
When you search through the images in our categories you will notice each image has a unique reference number (which will be linked to your online cost enquiry) and will be our reference should we need to supply you with a cost. You will also notice a handy selection of symbols as follows:

View 360° HDR Dome / Sphere matching the backplate you have selected View the backplate image matching or accompanying the 360° HDR dome you have selected Cost / License Enquiry Flip the image horizontally Add to Lightbox Remove from Lightbox Download Un-Watermarked File


The Registration Process & the reason why you should register

When it comes time to access the light box, the file download or pricing functions please take a minute to register to allow access to these three functions. You will find the registration link top right of the home page or you can click here to register

The registration process is simple

1. Click on the registration icon.

2. Complete the registration form, which includes a number of mandatory and optional fields. This registration function is also available at any stage you click the ? icon.

3. Click submit once you are done and you will promptly receive an email to advise your registration has been successful at which stage you have full access to the lightbox as well as the file download and pricing functions.

4. Each time you access bearstock.com and wish to utilise the lightbox, the file download or price enquire features you will need to login with the password you entered when you registered.


With most of our Backplates we offer different viewpoints and camera heights to suit the best angle for your product.

Bears Stock Perspectives Bears Stock Perspectives

Bears Stock Perspectives Bears Stock Perspectives

Bears Stock Perspectives Bears Stock Perspectives

And now we have movement

There are many affordable Motion Blur software applications out there and the speed can be adjusted depending on how ‘fast’ you want your vehicle to be travelling. You as the Art Director or Artist can decide what to blur and to what extent.

If you require our help or have any questions let’s talk!

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You're busy? Let us help you with your image hunt.